Shaheed Makhdoom Rafiq Welfare Trust (SMRWT) is a non-profit, non-political and non-government organization, founded by a group of UET graduates in November 2007. You must be wondering that you've been handed over with just another description of an NGO which is working for the welfare of the society. Yet another organization claiming to make a difference, then how is it distinct in a way that you can make a difference by joining it? Let us assure you that as you'll read through all the pages till the end, you'll get to know how exactly SMRWT is different from all the other welfare trusts or NGOs working out for the same cause.

Shaheed Makhdoom Rafiq Welfare Trust has been designed specifically for the youth with most of its members and volunteers comprising of young students and professionals in different fields of life. The basic aim of MWT is welfare of the society by giving help where it is wanted and to spread the message:

"Wake up, look around and do something for your society, your people, and your country".

We believe in self-sufficiency, therefore, most of our projects' funds are generated by our own fund-raising campaigns, members' funds and Solid Waste Management Program.